Hotel & Guesthouse

If you own or run a B & B, a hotel or guest house, you need a policy that will protect you, your staff and guests, as well as your property and all of your contents.

This type of insurance policy is usually a flexible package.  Call Tricketts Insurance today and a friendly team member will tailor a specific Hotel, B & B or Guesthouse package to meet the needs of your unique business and business activities.  Flexible policies like these mean that you don’t have to pay for covers that you don’t need.

We like to rest assured that you and your guests sleep easy.

Our clients trust us
to find the best deal


  • Buildings

  • Contents

  • Stock

  • Computer Equipment

  • Money

  • Theft by Employees

  • Loss of Licence

  • Goods in Transit

  • Employers liability

  • Public & Products Liability

These are the main covers but not an exhaustive list. Please enquire for covers not listed


  • Business Interruption

  • Legal Cover

  • Accidental Damage

  • Terrorism

These are the main add-ons but not an exhaustive list. Please enquire for add-ons not listed

Why Tricketts?

Tricketts has long, well established relationships with insurers and access to a range of markets; our staff will save you time and hassle and give you peace of mind because we ensure that you have the right type of cover.

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When running a Hotel, B&B or Guesthouse business, being able to store food is vital. It therefore makes good sense to buy Frozen Food Cover to protect against freezer failure.
Freezer Food
If you employ staff on any basis you are required by law to have Employers Liability. EL insurance will help you pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill because of the work they do for you. Standard issues of cover is £10m.
Employers Liability
Insurers expect all hotel buildings and equipment to be adequately maintained and in a good state of repair. General wear and tear is not covered by an Insurance policy.
Wear & Tear
If you are under insured and you make a full or partial claim the insurer can/will reduce their pay out in proportion to the amount you are under-insured.
Under Insurance & Average

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